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The bluest horizon

Lined with clouds

The freshness of the ocean

Far, wide, deep,

Reaching to touch yet never fully getting ahold of

Salty sweet sweat on my lips

Causing me to be dehydrated and thirsting for more

I smell freshness, clean crisp air

Warm to the touch and warm to the taste

Refreshing and life-giving like a glass of water

Most desired of its attention and affection because with the blue sky comes an orange sun which vibrates worth and fullness

Gaining the heat of life on my skin as it glows into a golden brown

Sweat dripping


Wanting more and more attention like a long lost puppy

To be under the arms of the sun is the warmest place of affection

Like a tender kiss and a strong embrace





Mean what you say and say what you mean

Mean what you say and say what you mean


A ragdoll being thrown around

Under the arm of this child or another

Smelling the decay of the deodorant that only resembles a grown person’s scent

Eyes closed

Can’t see

Hearing horns of traffic around me

I thought we were going to get ice cream

I thought that I was special to you


Grown woman yet mind of a child

So much denial about the abuse

The misuse of trust

Abandoned hope of rescue

For you are my captor

Holding my bondage hostage to what I thought life had to offer

Dragging me again to an unknown land

People who do not see me but can have their feel of my body


No voice

No words to even articulate

Tongue cut out and hanging on display

Around my neck

Along  with the 2 inch chain link

Connected to another

I don’t know where we go or even how we got here

My screams sound like gas

Or a sizzling fire

Not audible to any human desire


Because I am a thing

Something that you play with

Not even an animal who is able to get your scraps

I am overlooked while being looked over to make sure I am pleasing

On display for all to point

For all to have their way

Tricked into thinking that tricking was treating

My heart

Torn apart



Historical range

Bells a ringing

Unknown life

I thought I was your wife

But I am just a ragdoll on display

Under the armpit where the deodorant is disappearing

Words of Life

Words of life creating life of words to be spoken

A painted brush tipped in rhythms and butterflies flowing freely

A breath…

Of air felt in the coldest places

Giving and giving until there is nothing left to give

Measures of love against the qualities of life

Extensions and extending yourself until there is no more

Silently recognizing dreams again

Quietly recognizing them as reality

I give myself away so that you can use me


Being held by your love is a reminder of your arms holding me

If this is crazy and all I have left is faith

Then lock me up in your insanity

This non-married state giving life like a wife

Imagining that you would grant me the ability to be held physically like when you hold me spiritually

Not giving less of me but more and more and more and more

Allowing my vessels to flow your blood

As you are the master puppeteer and I am but a doll on sticks

Having the comfort to move in your moves relaxes me

Vulnerable enough not to think

Allowing the strings of life, the breath of life

Swinging one… so you can use me

Now that’s love… and life and hope


Candace Eldridge is an Abstract Artist based in Atlanta, GA. Her art consists of Original Mixed Media paintings are reflective of ethnicity, culture, religion, and life as a whole. The artist also goes by CLEARTISTRY. 

Many of her works of art came as a result of reflecting upon her own life situations and having a literal picture pop up in her head. As a way of expression, she began to paint. This resulted in over 50 works of art from small to large.

As an artist on the rise, Candace has been selling her art since 2009 to the public. She has also been able to showcase her art in different online forums as well as local venues in Atlanta, GA. 

"The greatest thing about being an artist is exploring the boundaries of your own personal limitations. I am constantly challenging myself to try different mediums, textures, and mixed media for new creations. The beauty behind the creative process is that as long as I keep trying, the more creativity comes from my hand. My goal is to continue to observe the colors of life and try to mimic what I see on each canvas. My inspiration comes from the structure of life. Growing up, I used to draw caricatures and clothing. My fascination with faces and clothes lead to me making my own creations. Even to this day, I pay close attention to the details of people, places, and things. I found a reason to make things pretty. Each piece has a meaning that waits for the viewer to interpret it."


 If you are interested in owning some of Candace's work or having her show her work for an event, please send a message via Facebook at  https://goo.gl/SA0mt4or or email at CLEARTISTRY@GMAIL.COM.









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